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The pandemic has created unprecedented pressure on teachers, administrators, and classified personnel. School employees have had to adapt to a host of exhausting new challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. Chronic stress, low morale, absenteism, substance misuse, and burnout have become pervasive in today’s school communities.    

At Teachers’ Wellness Coaching & Consulting, we believe that the pandemic can serve as a powerful catalyst for positive change.  One of the silver linings of the past two years is that leaders now recognize the critical need to protect and enhance employees' mental health.  


At Teachers’ Wellness Coaching & Consulting, we ally with administrators and bargaining unit leaders to create a symbiotic partnership toward the development of policies, practices, and programs addressing the unique needs of their organization. 

Our work is rooted in workplace wellness best practice specializing in school environments.  Our unique approach is based on principles of coaching; We believe every organization knows what is best for their workforce.  Our role is to guide you and explore the most cost-efficient ways to enhance current practices, optimize systems, and seek out the support of community health partners in the development of sustainable employee wellness programing.

We provide leadership training and coaching for administrators who wish to grow as leaders and learn simple ways to create a psychologically safe environment where their employees feel valued, heard, and respected. We provide guidance in the development of policies, programming, and services known to positively impact culture and overall wellbeing.  We pride ourselves in tailoring to the needs of each organization we serve.

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Why We Do It

During my 20 years of teaching, I have experienced some of the greatest joys and some of the most frightening moments of my life.  I spent the first fifteen years of my teaching career at the high school level. During that time, we lost several students to gun violence. I witnessed numerous vicious fights and riots in the quad; some lasting for hours. A student attempted suicide during one of my classes. I performed CPR on one of our dearly beloved volunteers. I’ve been threatened and assaulted. At the time, there was no support system in place for helping me process and heal from these traumatic experiences. I was left to “get myself together” before the sound of the next bell announcing the next class.

I was in a constant state of anxiety and suffered more panic attacks than I care to admit. I turned to alcohol and marijuana to help me cope with the pressure of the job and the relentless family demands.  

My use progressively led me down the dark and lonely path of substance use disorder. 




Hannah Carroll, MA, RDN

Director of School Nutrition

Lompoc Unified School District

Isabelle Wettergren provided workplace wellness training to our School Nutrition Services staff during the peak of COVID exhaustion. Her presentation was refreshing, insightful and honest. Her excitement for her projects and her emphasis on employee wellness inspires a contagious collaboration that all managers should pursue. Isabelle focuses on creating a product tailored to the audience and welcomes her clients to express what they want or do not want in a presentation. Isabelle's well-rounded experiences, commitment, organization and expertise is highly valuable.

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